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Hi, I'm Marc. I'm a freelance writer/content writer with a passion for extracting a story out of the mundane and analyzing the niche that most ignore. On the flip, I also love emboldening the truth through critical analysis of the world around us. Big video game and comic book nerd. Music aficionado. Music Writer at Poptized and The Lifestyle NYC, contributor for Bamsmackpow, features writer for CBR and Comic Book Herald, and columnist for East Broadway Magazine.

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Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness: Why What If..? Was More Important Than You Think

Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness: Why What If..? Was More Important Than You Think Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness makes its theater debut on May 4, 2022, and the implications of the film for the MCU are, for lack of a better term, maddening. On the heels of their last outing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Studios is looking to double down on their multiversal ambitions through a journey spearheaded by the master of the mystic arts himself, Dr. Strange. While there is virtually nobody

Ryan Michelle Bathé

Since working on stage in theatre in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Much To Do About Nothing at the Old Guthrie Theatre and Old Globe Theatre, on-screen movie and tv credits in Sylvie’s Love and BET+ First Wives Club, in addition to creating her own production company called Down On Maple Productions, Bathé is an actress with a passion for her craft that burns through any blockade that wrongly decides to stand in her way. While she will tell you personally that she isn’t the most intimidating

Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson is a man of principle and discipline; his fire lies in the depth of his words just as they do his numerous performances, whether on TV or in cinema. Bringing his talents to yet another Dick Wolf franchise in Law & Order: Organized Crime, Mykelti Williamson has been leading with faith to spearhead his latest performance. In cahoots with his onscreen wife Cassandra, played by Jennifer Beats, Williamson stars as the cunning Preston Webb, a man that can be described as “ambitious

Wu-Tang Clan Is Taking Wu Wear Collection To Fortnite

The Wu-Tang Clan will be introduced to a new generation of gamers and music fans alike as the Staten Island collective will be making a splash into Epic Games’ popular battle royale-based shooter, Fortnite. While the game won’t feature any of the members of the iconic rap group, cosmetics based on the Wu Wear clothing that originally blessed the streets in the mid-’90s will be available for purchase using the game’s v-bucks. Along with nods to the Wu Wear clothing line, fans of the Wu-Tang Cla

Album Review: Vince Staples – Ramona Park Broke My Heart

Throughout the litany of nonchalantly grim lyrics Vince Staples has delivered over the past 10 years, one constant has remained: his symbiotic relationship with Ramona Park. Staples announced his purpose for rapping on 2013’s Stolen Youth, a collaboration with the late Mac Miller, rhyming, “I’m here to tell the world I’m from Ramona Park / diving in the deep water like I know the sharks / climbing in the king’s daughter I deserved the crown / they weren’t fucking with ya boy, but they heard me n

Smooth Like "Butter": How BTS' GRAMMY-Nominated Mega Hit Came To Be

What does it take to create a hit song? Musicians, songwriters and producers have attempted to answer this question since the inception of the music industry and the beginning of the pop star. While some songwriters and producers feel hit records can be created through a precise science or formulaic approach, others claim that hit records are created based on feeling. Songwriter, producer and A&R Rob Grimaldi advocates for the latter, using BTS' "Butter" as his evidence. "Butter" is the second E

Who Is Moon Knight?: The Origin Of Marc Spector

Who Is Moon Knight?: The Origin Of Marc Spector The MCU has expanded. There is no secret that the MCU as it existed in phase one is long gone; as we push through the tenth anniversary of the first time that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled on our big screen, we stand before an MCU almost unfamiliar to where we began. Ironman is dead. Captain America is literally resting in peace. Black Widow is dead. Hawkeye is now deaf and has taken a younger Hawkeye under his wing. Thor is with the Guar

Apex Legends Players Want An Old Feature Back to Stop Hackers

Respawn Entertainment did away with the spectator indicator to crack down on spying. But now, their player base is rallying to see it return as a way to combat hackers. When it comes to demands from their fans, Respawn Entertainment has, more times than not, answered the call to improve Apex Legends. They have improved their game through each patch as they work tirelessly to create a cheat-free environment for their loyal player-base. But through these patches and attempts to crack down as muc

How to defeat Huntmaster Saber in Fortnite: Mythic Thermal Rifle location

There’s a brand new boss making its debut in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. You’ll need to defeat Huntmaster Saber to acquire the Mythic Thermal Rifle – and we’re going to show you how to do it. Once existing as a new gimmick, boss battles have managed to become mainstays of the Fortnite experience. First, Epic Games used boss battles to show off unimaginable crossover characters like Dr. Doom and Wolverine, but bosses have become a staple to the battle royale as each season brings a new challe

How to use Fortnite Overshields: New Season 2 feature explained

While we never thought we’d see it happen, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has removed the building mechanic, meaning you’ll need to make use of Overshields instead. Here’s what they are, how they work, and how to get them. In the place of the disabled Fortnite-synonymous building mechanic comes one of the most significant additions in the battle royale so far: the Overshield. Allow us to provide a deeper analysis into how Fortnite Overshields work in Season 2. How Does The Overshield Work? How t

Album Review: Benny The Butcher – Tana Talk 4

To see where you’re going, you must understand where it all began. With Benny the Butcher’s new project, Tana Talk 4, the silver-tongued sharpshooter of Griselda takes listeners back to the beginning of his career in a true ‘back to basics’ moment. If you’re from Buffalo, like I am, then you’re aware that Benny’s been busy besting his opponents and bodaciously mastering his craft for almost two decades—maybe even longer. The first instalment to the Tana Talk series, a mixtape from 2004, was one

Akira Akbar

Akira Akbar is relishing in her success as the youngest member of Bel Air’s iconic TV family. Everywhere you look these days, it almost seems as if the word “reboot” is inescapable in presence; companies revive intellectual properties for modern audiences with much-expected pushback from audiences who grew up with the original content. Instant hate has become a trend within the internet as reboots are quickly announced, and social media users are denouncing them even quicker. So, what happened

In Conversation with Sherry Cola: The Triple Threat on the Rise —

Sherry Cola is a star shining before our eyes, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been paying attention or not. For many people who are unaware, the Good Trouble actress has been booked and busy, working tirelessly to bless our television and movie screens while simultaneously tugging on our heartstrings and making us laugh. Cola has starred in hit television shows (Good Trouble), will be joining the Pixar family come March 11th with the release of Pixar’s Turning Red, and has worked with some

Top 10 Best Air Jordan Silhouettes Of All Time

When you think of the phrase “sneakerhead” you almost always invision a crispy pair of Air Jordans; laced and styled to perfection with minimal wear and tear, the sneakers sit on a shelf, in airtight glass, in hopes of keeping these prized kicks in tip-top shape. Because of the legacy, icon status, and almost fairy-tale nature of Michael Jordan's life and basketball career, the Air Jordan has become a pop culture and fashion mainstay with the sneaker going strong for over 40 years now. Michael J

Amber Mark Opens Up About The 4-Year Journey Of Grief, Growth And Spiritual Awakening That Led To 'Three Dimensions Deep'

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Young Dolph's Makeda’s Cookies Memorial To Come Down Soon

Young Dolph was taken from the world too soon as the four-month anniversary of his death slowly approaches on March 17th. As the pain of loss continues to sweep various communities that Dolph has actively impacted, community members are trying their best to do everything they can to honor the memory and legacy of the slain rapper. But, as we push onward into the aforementioned fourth anniversary, people are also trying their best to move on in good nature and grace properly, including the famil

Ice T & Snoop Dogg Could Join Forces To Reboot "Def Jam" Fighting Game

Def Jam has been overdue for a fighting game for quite some time now. The now-iconic fighting game franchise has been the topic of reboot discussions ever since the last title, Def Jam Icon, flopped relentlessly after changing everything fans loved about the game back in 2007. But a lot has changed since then, including the entire roster of Def Jam, the landscape of music, and gaming as a whole, just to name a few things. Regardless, there have been numerous calls for the game to come back as a

Vince McMahon Reveals His Competitors Put A Price On His Head

Vince McMahon has lived many exciting lives. But unfortunately, the WWE Chairman has had his fair share of controversy in and out of the ring, has an on-and-off business with the XFL, and has been involved in some shady history around his companies. But the craziest tidbit on McMahon's life may have been revealed just a few days ago. In an interview with the Pat McAfee Show, while McMahon discussed his wrestling rivals, he mentioned that he may have lost his life. During the conversation, the i

Jack Harlow "White Men Can't Jump" Reboot Sends Twitter Into A Tizzy

Twitter is not the place to announce or even think about rebooting popular movies and tv shows. Instead, the social media app users have taken a staunch stand against anything that seems remotely unoriginal; Bel-Air was ridiculed to hell when it was first announced, while the announcing of Robert Pattinson Batman was clowned with the quickness. So when it was announced that famous Kentucky-rapper Jack Harlow was cast as the lead in the reboot of 1992's hit movie White Men Can't Jump, the Twitter
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